The Lakes of Fairfield Glade

Fairfield Glade has 11 lakes with just short of 550 acres of surface area. The largest in size is Lake Dartmoor followed by Lake Saint George. These are the only 2 that have full service marinas. All the lakes have launch ramps and are great for fishing, kayaking, and swimming.

Lake Charts

In late 2016, a local resident with a scientific background surveyed all 11 of the community lakes. As a result of this survey, lake charts were made. These are available at the 2 marinas or directly from . The large double sided maps are 23 inches by 33 inches. People are also able to get individual lakes which are on 13 inch by 19 inch matte media.

These maps show the depths of the lake, the underwater contours, access points, and all kinds of neat information. Feel free to email him with any questions or requests at

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